Employee Access to HR and Payroll

HR Self Service, Employee Self Service Access to HR and Payroll
Employee Self Service allows the employee the opportunity to participate personally in the HR and payroll process, as it relates to their job title. This module includes the following:
  • Employee leave, short leave and return from leave applications
  • Monthly leave summaries and entitlements
  • Online approvals by manager
  • Online data change requests for personal data, dependant data and passport data
  • Full personal details viewing: managers can also view subordinates details
  • Electronic submitting of info to HR
  • Employee master lists and details
  • Online electronic payslip
  • Online loan report
  • Timesheet submission and approval
  • Time and attendance review and manager approval
  • Overseas training and business trips
  • Online loan application
  • Online electronic assessments
  • Document expiry notifications
  • Documentation viewing: payroll history and timesheet details
  • Policy manual viewing and Helpdesk
  • Logging and prioritising of all issues, disputes and grievances
  • Variety of document and status requests (salary certificates, passports, visas. licenses etc)
  • Refund requests and expense claims
  • Internal and external job applications
  • Document uploading & issue tracking
  • The Client can define, publish and amend its policy manual on-line. All employees can access and view this manual in the employee self-service portal. All news announcements and bulletins can also be posted with employees enjoying the same levels of access and viewing.
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