Employee Time Tracking

Employee Timesheet software - Time Management Module
This module manages the time-keeping and absenteeism levels of the employees utilising a number of different options. They are namely:   

Time & Attendance

This functionality manages the employee’s attendance, calculates the overtime worked and links the designated overtime with payroll. It also enables managers to approve the overtime which has been calculated by the Time and Attendance system. It includes the following:
  • Shift codes and patterns definition
  • Shift pattern mapping
  • Calculation of daily time and attendance through integration with clocking system
  • Integration of all leave records, short leave, overseas training and business trips
  • Manager approval of normal time and overtime (through Self-Service)
  • Overtime and Time and Attendance reporting
  • Approved overtime posting to Payroll
  • Payroll deductions due to lateness

Timesheets/Project Timesheets

This functionality tracks the number of hours worked by the team on a client’s project. It gives the line manager flexibility to approve the hours worked by a team member at the same time see the activity/s they are performing for a project. It also tracks the overtime hours worked:
Set-up screens for clients, rates, activities and projects
  • Multiple set-up options for shifts, calendars, over-time rates, cost-centres and approval levels
  • Timesheet upload facility
  • Integration with absence and leave
  • Project owner timesheet report
  • Timesheet submission and approval function
  • Project schedule report
  • Project billing report
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