HR Recruitment Management

Vacancies, Candidate Management
This module provides a manager with tools to manage recruitment activity. It includes the following functions:
  • List of vacancies with direct linkage to job descriptions
  • Actions taken by HR to fill all vacancies (candidate management)
  • Online application for vacancies: internal and external
  • Candidate login to update CV and link to vacancies
  • Link to clients recruitment web-site and predefined agency access (if required)
  • Applicant databank
  • Candidate management: pre-screening, screening and evaluation
  • Complete on-line interview process: scheduling of interviews, drawing up of questionnaires, management of the interview process etc.
  • Recruitment and company employee letters generation: i.e. offer letters
  • Job offer master, status and reporting
  • Document uploading (CV’s, photographs, contracts, letters of reference)
  • Search facility for candidate or applicant CV’s
  • Automatic data transfer once successful applicants become actual employees
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